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Jesus of Nazareth
The Man From Galilee
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Man sinned and abandoned his relationship with God. However, God desires that all men return to Him.

The Son left heaven to be born of woman to become the sacrifice for man's sins providing the way fir man to be restored to God.

To fulfill the Law and prophets, become the perfect sacrifice for man's sins and to do His Father's will.

Jesus sacrificed His life on the cross making it possible for men to become children of God. Finished everything the father gave him to do. He then sent the Holy Spirit following His return to God

  Christ's Genealogy
  Prophecies About Jesus, The Messiah

  What New Testament Writers Said.

  What Some Secular Writers Said.

  His Life on Earth

  His Parables

  His Miracles

  His Prayers

  His Enemies

  Woes and Warnings

  His Message

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