To Be With God The Father
Christ Returns to Heaven
The Atoning Sacrifice Jesus - God as Man
Temple in Jerusalem
Tabernacle in Wildernes
Noah's Ark in the Flood

International Bible Knowledge Institute
Course One – Preparing The Way For Man's Redemption
How Did Everything Get Here?
The Man Who Was God
Christ - God's Mystery
Myths About God
From Life to Death - Mortal Man
Planned Redemption
Messages of the Gospels
Course Two – God's Message Of Reconciliation
Time Before Christ
Time Christ on the Earth
Time After Christ
End of Time on Earth
Time to Decide
From Death Through The Cross To Life
Myths about Forgiveness
Baptism into Christ
Course Three – A New Spiritual Life In Christ
A Kingdom Not Made With Hands
Servants In The Kingdom
First Principles of Christ
Widows and Others In Need
Spiritual Milk
Myth of Misery
Message From The Epistles
Worship God In Spirit and Truth
Course Four – Growing In Christ
Jesus of Nazareth
Life Of Christ
United in Christ
Myths about Pain
Body, Soul, Spirit - Where Do They Go When You Die?
Marriage and Divorce
God's Sabbath
Creation before Genesis Creation
Course Five - Maturing In Christ
Shadows, Types and Prophecies
Holy Spirit
Revelation Of Jesus Christ
Silence of the Scriptures
Teachings & Practices after AD 100 to AD 1500
Reform? or Restore?
Compiling and Translating the Bible
Today's Church Practices
Readings Outside The IBKI Curriculum
Lessons From The Cross
God's Rebuilding Process
Greatest Questions Ever Asked
Living For One Another
Living Liberated
Living The Maximum Life
Promises Now and For Evermore
Real Men are Godly Men
Wonderful Words Of Life