Romans 15:14- 16:27

1. Reasons for writing (15:14-21).

  1. To remind the Romans of the grace of God and the gospel that he preached as a minister to Gentiles, in which ministry he gloried (vs. 14-17).
  2. To acquaint the Romans with the scope of his labors thus far (vs. 18-21)-- preparatory to announcing his plans for the future, which included a visit to Rome.
2. Personal plans (15:22-33).
  1. To go to Spain and visit Rome on the way (vs. 22-24).
  2. To go to Jerusalem first on a mission of benevolence (vs. 25-29).
  3. Paul requests prayers for success in both missions (vs. 30-33).
3. Commendation of Phoebe (16:1-2).

4. Greetings to the Romans (16:3-16).

5. Warning against false teachers (16:17-20).

6. Greetings from Paul’s companions (16:21-23).

7. Doxology (16:25-27).

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