Behavior Expected of Those Who Are Justified by Faith
Romans 12:1- 15:13

1. As members of the church (12:1-21).

a. In consecration (vs. 1-2).
b. In exercise of gifts (vs. 3-8).
c. In manifestation of love (vs. 9-31).

2. As citizens of state and members of society (13:1-14).

a. Discharging civic duties (vs. 1-7).
b. Motivated by love vs. 8-10).
c. Purified by hope (vs. 11-14).

3. As to matters of conscience (14:1-15:13).
Matters private and morally indifferent.

a. Not judging and despising others (14:1-12).
b. Not tempting others (14:13-23).
c. Following the example of Christ (15:1-13).

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