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Adam ¨ Created by God [Elohim (plural of El ) i. e. God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit (Holy Spirit)] Lived 930 years. [Wife Eve].

---Able ¨ Killed by brother Cain apparently jealous of righteousness

---Seth ¨ Lived 912 years and died in 1042

------Enosh ¨ Lived 905 years and died in 1140

---------Cainan ¨ Lived 910 years and died in 1235

------------Mahalaleel ¨ Lived 895 years and died in 1290

---------------Jared ¨ Lived 962 years and died in 1422

-----------------Enoch ¨ Lived 365 years. [Heb.1:5] God took him from earth so he did not experience death

-------------------Methuselah ¨ Lived 969 years [oldest man] and died in 1656 the year of the flood.

----------------------Lamech ¨ Lived 777 years and died in 1651. Probably first polygamist.

-------------------------Noah ¨ Born 126 years after death of Adam and died in 2006 [350 years after the flood].

-------------------------- Shem ¨ Blessed be the Lord God of Shem [Gen.9:26] [Christ would come from his son].

-------------------------- Ham ¨ His son, Canaan, was cursed to become servant of servants [Genesis 9:25]

-------------------------- Japheth ¨ By these were the Iles of the Gentiles [Genesis 10:5]

Cain ¨ God cursed him and put a mark upon him to protect him from others. Settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden.        





--------------Lamech [wife # 1 Adah] (probably the first polygamist)



----------------------[wife #2 Zillah]


----------------Naamah ( a daughter)