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by Cecil N. Wright

The content of this book is a vision that the apostle John was given from the Lord on the isle of Patmos about 2000 years ago. Through the years the book of Revelation has been the subject of innumerable debates and the source of all kinds of wild speculations. Many people are afraid to read the book. Others devour it and are devoured by curiosity. If you read 1000 commentaries on Revelation, you will read a thousand interpretations. If you are not discouraged by this, remember that the book was written not to hide truth but to reveal it and to be read, understood and obeyed by those people to whom it was written 2000 years ago. The title of the book as well as the first word in the book (Greek "apakalupsis") means "revelation." It is good to know that this book has a great practical use for Christians of all ages. It will be worth the effort to read and try to understand its message.

Another Interpretation of Revelation



Letters to Seven Churches

Throne of God and Closed Book

Chart of Revelation Events

First Four Seals

Last Three Seals

Seven Trumpets

Seven Mystic Figures

Six Angelic Messengers

Seven Bowls of Wrath

The Beast

The Great Harlot

Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Battle of Armageddon

After History & Eternity

Abyss And 1000 Years >