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Paul stated that he was the apostle to the Gentiles. The Holy Spirit sent him on his first missionary journey, perhaps only as he always was going somewhere to teach.

While away from some of these cities he was concerned about their physical and spiritual welfare so he sent those he was mentoring to visit them and encourage them to remain faithful.

Paul also wrote letters to them and to those he was training, i.e. Timothy, addressing specific concerns about doctrinal matters. Many have been preserved for us however at least one ,the letter to the Laodiceans was lost.

Paul's Other Letters

Eph. - In Christ
Eph. -Living as Children of God

Phil.- Christ Attitude & Actions
Philippians - Legalism

Colossians -Freedom through Christ
Colossians - Holy Living in Christ

1 Thess. - Living to Please God
2 Thess. - Being Counted Worthy

1 Tim. - Worship and Leadership
1 Tim. - Good Advice To Christians

2 Tim. - Encourage and Reprove
2 Tim. - Church Instructions