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Old Testament


 Period of Wandering



 Samuel & Saul

 United Kingdom

 Divided Kingdom


 Psalms, Proverbs & Song of Solomon


The glorious period in the history of the Children of Israel begins following the death of Saul and the anointing of David as King.

David was a man who followed God with all his heart. This does not mean he did not sin for he did on more than one occasion.

At just the right time one of David’s descendants, Jesus, would be born by action of the Holy Spirit to save man from his sins.

You are encouraged to take notes as you study.
      David & Solomon
Death of Saul and Jonathan
King over Judah
King Over All Israel
David's Victories

Sin of Adultery
Trouble in David's House
David Flees
David Mourns
David Returns to Jerusalem
David Trust in Self

David Names Solomon King
Solomon's Request

Temple Built
Temple Replaces Tabernacle
Solomon's Love for Women
Rest of Solomon's Rule
Foolish Prophet