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Old Testament



Period of Wandering


Samuel & Saul

David & Solomon

Divided Kingdom


Psalm, Proverbs & Song of Solomon


The Patriarch study begins with the creation of everything by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

The patriarcial period begins with Adam, who was created mankind in their likeness and gave instructions about what they were to do and not to do, and end with Moses.

It is our hope that you approach these studies with an attitude of asking God to speak to you through His revealed Word and that you do not become fearful when some current understanding differs from past understanding. Just praise God that you are growing in the knowledge of His Word.

You are encouraged to take notes as you study.
   Samuel & Saul
Early Life of Samuel
Ark of God Captured
Israel's Desire for King
Saul's Good Beginning
Saul's Downfall
David and Saul
David and Jonathan
David Flees Saul
Saul Tries to Kill David
David and Nabal
David's Revenge Opportunity
Saul's Final Acts as King