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Old Testament


 Period of Wandering



 Samuel & Saul

 David & Solomon

 Divided Kingdom


 Psalms, Proverbs & Song of Solomon


The Israelites refused to trust in God choosing rather to trust in their own ability and to listen to ten spies who believed the enemy was too great.

This resulted in God not allowing any male over 20 to cross over into The Promised Land except Joshua and Caleb, the two spies who advised to trust God and immediately go in to conquer the land.

You are encouraged to take notes as you study.
New Tables of Stone
Sacrifaces and Offerings
Uncleanliness and Purification
Day of Atonement
Other Rules
Priest Rules
Feast and Celebrations
Rewards and Punishments
The Census
Preparing for the Dedication
Dedication of the Tabernacle
Departing from the Desert of Arabia
Rebellion Along the Way
Aaron and Duties of the Priest
Events near Kadesh and Mt. Hor
Balaam, Balak and Moab
Vows, Vengeance and Victories
Tribe Boundaries
Beginning Conquest of Canaan