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New Testament


Luke wrote both the Gospel of Luke and Acts of the Apostles. Many, if not all, ancient authorities agree that Luke wrote this book probably as a continuation of the Gospel of Luke. Acts is the history of the church.

There are many examples of how God adds obedient people of all nations, races and gender to His Body. It also reflects difficulties of letting go of past prejudices, of mans desire for exclusiveness and of problems with desire for power, pride and wealth.

Acts furnishes us with many examples of eyewitnesses statements. Proof of credibility by signs and miracles. Acknowledgment by men and God that Jesus was The Son of God who lived in the flesh among men.

Jesus willing gave his life as the only sacrifice needed for forgiveness of sins for those obedient to His message.

As you study Acts ask God to help you keep you mind open so you will obtain a clear understanding of His Word.

       Acts of the Apostles
Church Established in Jerusalem

Church Persecuted

Church Established in Judea

Church Opened to Gentiles

Church Established Outside Judea

Attempts to Judize the Church

Short Term Missions

Long Term Missions

Trouble in Jerusalem

Paul's Trial

Finally to Rome