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Old Testament


 Period of Wandering



 Samuel & Saul

 David & Solomon

 Divided Kingdom


  Psalms, Proverbs & Song of Soloon


These series of studies begin with the birth of Moses and concludes with his death.

God promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the land they had walked over would some day be the land of their descendants, the Children of Israel. But they were in the bondage of slavery before God delivered them making the Promised Land available if they obeyed.

This strongly parallels the lives of His people today. We suffer the bondage of sin until we obey Christ who has made Heaven available if we continue to keep his Word.

Let God speak to you through His word and praise God that you are growing in the knowledge of His Word.

You are encouraged to take notes as you study.
 Moses, the Egyptian
 Moses Called by God
 The Deliverer
 The Plagues
 Departing Egypt
 Crossing Over
 Feeding a New Nation
 Mt. Sinai
 The Ten Commandments
 Other Commandments
 Covenant with Israel
 Tabernacle Instructions
 Worship and Priest' Items
 Idol Worship & Consequences