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   New Testament


Were considered apporpriate text from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John have been identified in lessons. If each text reference for each lesson is read you will obtain a more comprehensive understanding.

As you approach these studies ask God help you have an attitude of "Lord speak to me through your revealed Word".

Do not become fearful when some current understanding differs from past understanding. Just praise God that you are growing in the knowledge of His Word.

       The Gospels
Birth of John and Jesus
Early Life of Jesus
Jesus Begins Ministry
Early Galilean Ministry
Sermon On The Mount
Later Galilean Ministry
The Parables
Time With The Apostles
Judean and Perean Misistry
Jesus Setting His Face Toward Jerusalem
Jesus Final Trip to Jerusalem
Jesus Going To His Death
Approaching Jeroicho
Jerusalem - Crucifixion Week
Friday - Crucifixion is Near Trip to Jerusalem
Resurrection Week