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Old Testament


 Period of Wandering



 Samuel & Saul

 David & Solomon

 Divided Kingdom


 Psalms, Proverbs & Song of Solomon

It is our hope that you approach these studies with an attitude of asking God to speak to you through His revealed Word and that you do not become fearful when some current understanding differs from past understanding. Just praise God that you are growing in the knowledge of His Word.

My Bible Study is intended to assist you in your Bible study. You may enhance your understanding of the Bible by reading from more than one version of the Bible. At least one from the Byzantine text family, the King James Version or the New King James Version, and at least one from the Alexandrian text family, the American Standard Version or the New American Standard Bible all of which used the Modified Literal translation theory. The New International Version may be considered easier to read it uses the Dynamic Equivalence translation theory, more subjectivity and paraphrasing is associated with this theory. A good Bible dictionary will greatly assist you in understanding some difficult words. The NIV has been used in selecting words in the word study.

Should you decide to download these lessons, it is recommended each lesson be copied to your hard drive in a folder labeled “My Bible Study” and sub-folders for each of the Old and New Testament studies. You are encouraged to make notes and complete your own summary

Before beginning your Study please read Bible Study Guidelines.

New Testament
 The Gospels

 Acts of Apostles



 Paul's Other Letters

 Other Apostles' Letters


 Additional Lessons