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Jesus a man without any sin offered His body to God as the only sacrifice to atone for man's sins. Salvation is available only in Christ and free to all who put their belief, faith and trust in His call to change their life from worldliness to righteousness by being immersed into His death.
Be diligent in your quest to understand, obey His Word and do His Will.

  Message of Reconciliation
  Planned Redemption
  From Death To Life
  Living For The Here-After
  First Principles
  To Remove Sin Apply Christ's Blood

Jesus, The Christ
  Jesus of Nazareth
  The Life of Christ
  Cross of Calvary
  Remembering Christ's Atoning Sacriice
  The Church Christ Built
  Jesus' Revelation To John

God's Word
  Compiling, Translating and Interpreting
  Teachings, Practices and Interpretations after AD 100
  Today's Church Practices -Tradition or Scripure
Wrested Scripture = Twisted Truth

Christian Living
  Spiritual Milk
  God's Will For Christians
  Living Liberated
  Marriage and Divorce
  Widows and Others In Need
  Women in the New Testament
  Living For One Another
  God's Rebuilding Process

  The Holy Spirit
  Body, Soul and Spirit - Where Will They Go When You Die?

Download Correspondence Courses
God's Message To Mankind
Man's Teachings and Practices of God's Word

During your personal Bible Studies
  1. Allow the Bible to verify the validity of all teachings.
  2. Use several versions of the Bible
  3. Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  4. Notify us of any teaching inconsistant with the Bible.

A Child's Journey Through the Bible       

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  How Did Everything Get Here?
  The End of Time

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  Greatest Questions
  Promises for Evermore
  Words of Eternal Life
  Living the Maximum Life

Advanced Studies
  Heaven and Hell
  Soul and Spirit

Detail Studies
  Revelation in greater Detail
  Jehovah's Witnesses

  Types and Metaphors
  Bible Study Guidelines
  A Daily Bible Study
  The Outlined Bible
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