G O S P E L - M E S S A G E
How did man and the universe he lives in begin?

What is sin and how did sin begin?

Who is responsible? The person who sins or someone else?

Can man be redeemed from the consequence of his sin?

What are commands to obey if we intend to live Eternally with God?

How to live after being added by Christ to his Church?

How Must God be Worshipped?

Why do men not understand the Bible alike?
Purpose and Goals

The Lord's Day

Experiences of 1st Century Christians



Lord's Supper

What about the Sabbath Day?

Women's Headdress

Hand Clapping

Evidence Of Christ External Of The Bible
Were You Born? It's Time To Eat!
You Are The Temple Of The Holy Spirit Of God

You Are In The World - Not Of The World
You Are A Disciple Of Jesus Christ!
Grow Or Die
What Is The Church?
The Purpose And Mission Of The Church

The Worship Services
Who Am I In The Body Of Christ?
Be Fruitful And Multipling
"Jesus Is Lord"
You Are A Steward?
Restoration And Reproduction Of Authentic Christianity
Only A Christian
God's Plan For Our Salvation
Reaching Your Family

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