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Revelation of the Apostle John
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Copied from REVELATION by Jim McGuiggan,
Looking into the Bible Series, International Bible Resources, Lubbock, Texas, 1976.

"The central thrust of the book is comfort and assurance of ultimate triumph. In its unique way, the book told of a coming and terrible storm. We saw that the heart of the universe is a heavenly throne! God and the Lamb rule - not Italy. We saw the seals reveal, the trumpets warn and the bowls punish in a full and complete way. We saw the saints sealed against the coming fury upon the ungodly; saw the world, piece by piece, attacked; her seas were bloodied as were her water supplies; her commerce was ruined and her armies defeated while their property was invaded; her gods were punished while her society ran riot in decadence. We saw the Church under the heel of the oppressor and the Witnesses preach in sackcloth, with death awaiting them. But we saw the inner sanctuary hold and the Witnesses loyally preach and, after death, be vindicated in resurrection. We saw the people of God in a wilderness, but saw them nourished while the Devil is impotent on earth and in heaven. We saw Rome go under in blood and fire and smoke. Rome is seen in all her apocalyptic manifestations from the civil persecution sea beast to the religious pervert, the earth beast. And the God of all power broils the sea beast; and the seductive power of a commercially successful Rome (Harlot) is set on fire by no man's hand and burns like Nero's fire never did - eternally and thoroughly. We saw the end of Rome pictured in the battle of Armageddon and heard the Serpent thresh as he was bound and salted away for a thousand years, while the saints, living and dead, sat enthroned with their Lord! We saw the full story told of those who died in the service of the beast. They were raised to no thrones but to die one more time, finally, in a lake of fire. We hear from God, through the "little time" of loosing the Devil, that all attempts by the Devil are doomed to failure, anytime and anywhere. And then we saw the picture of the Church of God. Consecrated in her service; glorious and honored in her reputation and appearance; unbeatable in her strength; intimate in he; communion; a blessing to the world and beloved of her Lord. HER FUTURE SECURE AND HER TRIUMPHS ETERNAL!"

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