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Lessons for New Christians
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As a new creation having been buried with Christ through baptism into death and having been cleansed and made pure by the blood of Christ you need to grow in the knowledge of the Word of God in order to know how to please your savior and redeemer.

This series of lessons is designed to assist you to grow, becoming a strong mature member of the Body of Christ by increasing your knowledge and finding your function or ministry.

We urge you to read directly from the Bible proving what you read. Reading more than one translation, version, may give you a clearer understanding.


1. Were You Born? It's Time To Eat!

2. You Are Now The Temple Of The Holy Spirit

3. Still In The World But Not Of The World

4. You Are Now A Disciple Of Jesus Christ

5. You Must Grow Or Else You Will Die

6. Take Your Place In The Family of God

7. The Purpose And Mission Of The Church

8. Assemblies For Worship And Edification

9. Who Are You In The Body Of Christ?

10. Be Fruitful And Multiply

11. Jesus Is Lord!

12. You Are His Servant

13. Reproduction of Authentic Christianity

14. To Be Just A Christian

15. God's Plan For Our Salvation

16. Evangelize Your Family

17. Can You Really Know?