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 God's Message of Reconciliation
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Choices of Bible Characters

Every day we make many decisions, most of which are routine such as what we eat or wear and where we go. Occasionally man's choices result in unexpected joy and happiness while others bring great disappointment and heartaches. Often we are called upon to make major choices that affect entire family relationships which could involve religion, jobs with possible relocation or life and death matters. Probably all of us have known individuals who have made some bad decisions and others who have made some good decisions. Regardless of whether good or bad our choices have some type of consequence.

The following are some examples in the Bible of:

            Decisions                                                              Consequences

° Adam & Eve eat of forbidden fruit        Death, banned from Eden and pain
° Cain offering unacceptable sacrifice      Reprimanded by God
° Cain killing his brother                          Became a marked wanderer
° Noah building the ark                           Considered righteous & saved mankind
°Abraham sacrificing his son                   Received promises
° Moses chose God                                Became the leader of great nation
° Mary desired to be used by God          Birth of Jesus who became our sacrifice
° Judas betrayed Jesus for money           Committed suicide
° Paul repented, obeyed and immersed    Became the Apostle to the Gentiles

Each day we face choices involving our growth in the knowledge of God and in our understanding of how we can obey his commands so we can please Him. Consider the following:

° Will we be honest in our business, family and spiritual life?
° Will we be faithful to our self, spouse and children?
° Will we control our mind, eyes and tongue?
° Will we give thanks to God in all things?
° Will we humble ourselves and obey God's commands so we can be reconciled to Him?

1. Every decision in life is a major decision.

2. Often our decisions have major consequences on our lives.

3. Bible examples of choices reveal that choices of disobedience bring pain and sadness while the choice of obedience brings joy and happiness.

4. Since one does not have total control over what he sees and hears, he is forced to linger and dwell upon them.

5. People have a choice in who they accept and obey.

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