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Marriage and Divorce
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It has been said that

  • marriages are made in Heaven implying that neither man nor woman can dissolve a marriage.
  • any married person who has sexual relations with someone other than their spouse has broken their covenant of marriage.
  • those divorced for reasons other than sexual immorality cannot remarry as they will be living in sin.
  • a faithful spouse divorce from a sexually unfaithful spouse can marry another and not be living in sin.
  • the sexually unfaithful spouse cannot marry another as they are still married. Therefore, would not the remarried faithful spouse be a polygamist?

The purpose of this study is to examine scriptures relating to the subject of marriage and divorce in an attempt to determine God's will.


    Reason For Marriage

    Marriage Covenant

    Law of the Husband

    Divorcing or Putting Away

    What's A Christian To Do?



    The Forgiven

    Other New Testament Scriptures on Marriage

    Other New Testament Scriptures on Divorce